How Do I Find A Company's SEO

To find a companies SEO the first thing you should do is check the footer on their website. Often web development and SEO agencies will add a credit in the footer of a website that they have built and/or ran campaigns on. However, this won't always be the case and if you don't see any such credit, you will have to try something else.

Another way to find out what SEO company is helping a particular business is to check if the agency has published any case studies about that business and the SEO campaign. This is relatively easy to do. Just conduct a simple Google search using a term like 'Business XXX SEO Case Study' to see if any SEO agencies show up talking about their campaign(s).

If you strike out using those techniques, you can contact the business directly and ask who is doing their SEO. Just remember that a direct competitor probably won't share that info with you, so in that case this would be an ineffective strategy.

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