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If you've had a good experience with our products or service please consider sharing it!  Please send your testimonial to Please include your name and the URL of your site.

"Apple Matters is happy to run on the pmachine platform and to be hosted by pMachineHosting.com. Both put a human face on the technology they provide. Extensive research was done before I picked a weblogging/CMS tool. Apart from the technical prowess of pmachine's products I was most impressed with the pmachine community of users. Presales questions were answered by users and pmachine developers alike and this excellent level of service continued after purchasing pmachine. I greatly look forward to installing and getting to know Expressions Engine and am comforted by the fact that each step of the way, questions will be promptly answered by the fine developers at pmachine.

pMachineHosting.comis a natural extension of fantastic pmachine family. I highly recommend anyone considering starting a pmachine or expression engine site to consider pmachinehosting. The pricing is incredible and the service bar none. Any questions are answered promptly and, because the pmachinehosting team knows pmachine products, configurations are a snap. In a few cases I've had to have some custom changes made to my hosting account and each time I was simply amazed that these changes were done with no extra charges.

pMachine is entrepenurial, dedicated, intelligent and customer focussed. I look forward to growing Apple Matters with the help of the pmachine and pmachinehosting teams for many years to come."
- Hadley Stern, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Apple Matters  www.applematters.com
"I started using pMachine Free after out-growing Blogger. I trialed a number of other weblogging tools and was not overly happy with any of them. By comparison pMachine was fast, flexible, powerful yet easy to use and most importantly had excellent support. I have since moved onto pMachine Pro and now onto Expression Engine and have continued to be impressed by the expansion in functionality and power of the product. The support also continues to be first rate with the team at pMachine providing detailed and prompt responses to questions. I would recommend both pMachine and Expression Engine to anyone in the market for a weblogging tool or entry level CMS."
- James,  www.kartar.net
"I purchased Expresion Engine one week ago for a website I was hired to produce. In my contract I had designated 80 hours of time for the completion of the site, many of these hours were designated towards the installation and customization of Expression Engine. I overestimated. Expression Engine's ease of use and the top notch support I received from the developers and user community have made the creation of this site quick and painless. I completed the site in less than 30 hours. It's a good thing I wrote a flat fee into my contract ;-)"
- Eric Granata,  www.iasvirtual.org
"Thanks to the publicly-spirited team behind pMachine, I can offer my clients a full-featured, fully-supported and fully dynamic website they can update themselves, at a cost that's inline with traditional static websites. This means the charities I work with save thousands of dollars on web development, software and customer support, reinvesting those savings into our community."
- Kurt Deutscher,  www.NetRaising.com
"I've tried just about every blog/CMS system out there in my search for an easy to use and highly flexible system that I could use without being a programming whiz, and none have ever come close to the ExpressionEngine.

Most blog/CMS systems are very rigid in the way they let you handle your data -- you are given a title field, a body field, extended entry, and a blurb field. And that is usually it. If you need to separate your content anymore than that you'll just have to figure out all kinds of hacks like combining multiple posts into a single page, nesting weblogs, or typing a bunch of HTML code into your entry body. None of these work well, and they are all redundant and time-consuming.

This is the area that sets EE apart from the rest of the pack in my opinion. With its unlimited custom weblog entry fields, you can create virtually any kind of database-driven site you can think of. It's like being able to program in PHP without actually having to program in PHP. I've created an e-commerce site with the EE system in conjunction with the PayPal shopping cart. Thanks to the custom entry fields I can automatically generate every PayPal link on the site by just adding a "post" to EE, I don't have to move back and forth between PayPal and an administration panel, filling out two forms, copy/pasting the information, etc.

The other features of EE are fantastic as well and are not to be ignored. No rebuilding, search-engine-friendly URLs, a fantastic and highly flexible template system, calendar, the ability to auto-expire posts, mailing lists, referrer tracking, and on and on.

Before I was always limited in the sites I could do by my lack of ability and interest to program, but now with EE I can easily put together pretty much any web site I could ever think of.

If you are looking for a CMS system of any kind and don't have a programmer on staff or are not interested in programming yourself, or even if you do have a programmer, take a long hard look at EE. You really are only limited to your imagination when you use this system."
"I tried so many different types of blog software. Because I was cheap, I didn't want to have to buy anything. I even got to the point where I wrote my own blog software. (which needed a lot of tweaking!) Then I discovered pMachine/ExpressionEngine. I instantly fell in love, and lo behold, I bought the software. First time I ever considered buying blog software. I love it."
- Yoshi Melrose,  www.psychodaisy.com
"After having searched for a content management system for months and trialling many PMachine was exactly what I was after. You have done an excellent job of creating a system that is relatively simple to use for small websites but still has the flexibility and access for more experienced users to really make it fly and incorporate into larger websites.

Although the technology is impressive I wouldn't have put pen to paper for that alone. What has really gone above expectations is the support that you offer. The support team and especially Chris Curtis for me has really been what has set you apart from other providers across the board. Every problem I posted they have helped me within suitable time frames. Often I find on other forums your question can sit there for days and then slide away into the masses. However with PMachine and ExpressionEngine team I have received a response and usually solving the problem for me even over the weekends."
- Sally Baldwin,  dynaweb.com.au
"I've used all the popular CMS programs for Blogging (Blogger, GreyMatter, MT and pMachine) and I can say that by far pMachine's support has been beyond my wildest expectations. The forums are full of dedicated users who can help you and they often don't give up until they've ironed out every. single. bug.

And the programs! What can I say about ExpressionEngine? Its a lot smarter than me, that's for sure! It can do so much and its security features - WOW! I'd like to see a comment spammer get past that!

Plus, its written by Mac users. In PHP. That's just waaaaaaay cooler than some perl based program. I've been a huge fan since I tried pMachine free a few months ago and I highly doubt I will EVER look at anything else.

In a web full of Yugos, ExpressionEngine is the Rolls-Royce."
"The hardest part is trying to let go of the old MT way of thinking. I do know one thing, EE is amazing. The more I work with it, the more I love it. I never thought I'd say this, but the MT fiasco was the best thing that ever happened to me. Otherwise, it never would have occured to me to try something else. I wouldn't go back to MT now even if they went back to free and unlimited. EE is more powerful and flexible than MT will ever be."
"So, why did I choose Expression Engine over the tons of other CMS I tested also? As usual: EE was the last software I tried. Because the software is great, so great, that I already bought the beta-version! In a business where normally V 2.0 becomes reliable this is very remarkable. EE also was easy to learn, since it has a clear concept: Build a HTML-template, add the needed tags and here you go. But what really impressed me, was the web-site you build. I thought, that people who build such a clean and well structured site must be generally quite capable - and this was true. I'd like to specially mention Chris, who was always there in the forum to provide support. His and other people quick and competent answers during my 2 week testing phase helped close the deal. So consider the forum one of your greatest sales tool. Bottom-line: I feel very confident in betting my site on ExpressionEngine. I'm a publisher, not a programmer, so I want a tool, that let me control and publish my site with ease. I've found this tool in EE."
- Albert Warnecke,  www.web-analytics.org
"Let me tell set the stage of why I think your product adds such value and effectively creates a value chain that starts with the content creators and runs through to the developers, hosting sites, and finally the consumer and back again.

I live in the City of Ennis,Texas within a historic district named after two of the city's proponent citizens at the turn of the 19th century McCanless and Templeton. Living within the historic district gives you a certain amount of responsibility to help maintain the area for future generations. As a result of my living in the McCanless home I decided to take the skill sets I've learned over time and use them to publish information concerning the history of Ennis and the district.

My first site was created using Front Page 2000 in the year 2000 and was a great success. We added more content and over time the audience grew to a world wide base of people who contacted us concerning the history of the town they grew up in, or once lived in, or had family that came from here. After time, the job of growing the content and publishing it to the site became a chore that took long hours and was prone to errors. I finally locked down the site knowing I would have to redo it with something more flexible and that would allow continued growth.

I spent over two years creating many versions of the site with tools such as ACEHTML, SiteSpinner 2 and other HTML type editors. They were all fine tools but there was still a lack of flexibility and ease of adding new content. From my work that I do I knew of the value of Content Management Systems and Portals. I first started with Open Source portals such as PostNuke and others. I found these very good and a step in the right direction but lacking the Content Management requirements for ease of adding new updates.

A friend at work told me about pMachine. I thought why would I use a blog software product for Content Management and Publishing. He showed me the ease of use, the flexibility, and the well designed structure for changing the look and feel of the product. I did some additional research, installed the free product, spent some time doing some prototypes and researching the forums for level of support.

I took the dive, bought the product and have never been sorry about the decision. I know there are a lot of people who claim you will abandon this product because of the release of the Expression Engine, I say to them all they don't understand the market and there is plenty of room for growth for both products.

The support from Rick, Chris and others have been excellent and have brought me though some very tough moments, but I never lost faith and continued the project until today when I completed the initial publishing of the new site. I believe it is a good example of what this product is able to do in the Content Management and Publishing space. I am very happy with its ease of use and content central approach to publishing. I believe you have created an excellent value chain to your customer base, the hosting companies that host sites created with it, and of course all the consumers that benefits from the great content that all the varied sites have published that add value to our lives."

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