Technical SEO Services.

To get the very best out of your SEO strategy, you must ensure the technical SEO is finely-tuned to ensure Google finds your website and understands what it is all about.

In order to get your website ranking in 2019 – particularly for anything competitive in nature – you will need a combination of great technical foundations, user experience (UX), web design, advanced keyword research, expertly crafted content marketing, and authoritative editorial-earned digital PR links.

A fast-loading website is another essential component to ranking in the number 1 spot. In a time where more searchers than ever before are using mobile devices to visit web pages, it is vital to ensure your website has a good page speed.

Page speed should be something all website owners are concerned about, as it can affect potential users entering your site and hinder any potential conversions. This is particularly the case when trying to rank for competitive keywords, as it is something which could spell the difference between securing a number 1 ranking on the first page of the search results, or the bottom of page.

According to Google, a website page speed of 200ms is a good target to aim for. This will not only make Google look more favourably on your site, it will also ensure users have a much better experience on your website. Ensuring your page speed is “good” is even more important today, now that mobile-first indexing has been introduced. This means Google will use the mobile version of the indexing and ranking, to help – primarily mobile – users find what they are looking for and satisfy user intent.

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