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Contact: Sylvia Paull, CEO
Berkeley Ventures, Inc.
Phone: (510) 527-0450

“World’s Most Creative and Powerful Web Publishing Software” Redefines Genre

April 26, 2004 (Portland, OR) – It’s been 20 years since the first desktop publishing revolution. Now pMachine has just upped the ante with a program that will revolutionize the way people publish online.

Today, pMachine launches ExpressionEngine™ – a personal publishing program that pushes the boundaries between blogging and full-featured content management.

ExpressionEngine allows users to create a totally dynamic website – from blog to e-zine to enterprise-level corporate site – using a set of flexible, modular, and powerful browser-based tools that are easy and intuitive to learn and use.

“The world of online publishing is divided into two camps: blogging programs and full-blown content management systems,” said Rick Ellis, pMachine founder and CEO. 

“Blogging programs, while easy so use, are not sufficiently powerful and flexible.  Content management programs can be very powerful, but are generally very expensive.  With ExpressionEngine, we are bridging the gap between blogging and full-featured content management in an easy-to-use, affordable package.”

The core ExpressionEngine system lets users choose one of 12 pre-defined themes to install a weblog that supports today’s most popular features, such as user commenting, categories, moblogging, web services, and image manipulation.

From there, users can take advantage of the powerful tools in ExpressionEngine to create a dynamic site that meets their exact needs.  These tools – data modeling, web services, member management, dynamic templating, statistical tracking, data caching, and robust security features – rival content management systems costing tens of thousands of dollars.

One of ExpressionEngine’s most creative features is its support for add-on modules and plug-ins to allow unlimited extensibility. Just a few of the pending modules being developed by pMachine include support for an image gallery, discussion forum, and e-commerce.

ExpressionEngine costs $149 for non-commercial use and $199 for commercial and is available for instant download.

About the company

pMachine was founded in 2000 by Rick Ellis, a media technologist, who designed interactive projects for Disney, feature films for Oliver Stone, and web sites for celebrity entertainers.  pMachine is the culmination of his passion for the Internet and a desire to enable people to use it in ways meaningful to them. Two years ago, pMachine launched its first publishing program, pMachine Pro, which is used by thousands of individuals, companies, and organizations around the world. Now, with ExpressionEngine, pMachine is poised to become the standard in content management systems.

For more information on the company and its products, visit http://www.pmachine.com.