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pMachine is online publishing's most flexible and creative software.  With pMachine, you can publish virtually any kind of web content - from a basic weblog, to an advanced interactive magazine.  pMachine gives you complete control over the presentation and the interactivity of your site.

Simple to Learn - Powerful To Use

pMachine adapts to your vision and needs.  Plus, pMachinePro is designed to expand - all the way to a full blown, multi-weblog magazine.  Just add content.

New to Blogging?

pMachine is incredibly simple to set up and begin using.  You can have your first weblog up-and-running in 10 minutes with all the tools to publish an outstanding weblog.

Experienced user?

No other program gives you pMachine's level of code and design flexibility. You decide how you want your site to look, behave and interact; pMachine makes it a reality through advanced templating and our tag library.

Discover what pMachine can do!

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