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Not only is gaining links a crucial element of SEO, but it also helps to establish your business. This is even more important in the increasingly digital world we live in. In order for your website to climb its way up the rankings, you need backlinks – but not just any old backlinks…

Among the thousands of pieces of content uploaded onto the internet each day, backlinks are essential to help search engines, such as Google, recognise which websites are reputable and trustworthy. Here at, we obtain natural, organic backlinksthrough our specialised outreach services.


  1. PR and editorial – Contacting journalists who work for influential publications in the US, UK, Europe and around the world. This could be national or regional publications, to high-profile magazines.
  2. Influencers or bloggers – Our tactics have been finely tuned over years of experience in order to ensure your PR campaign reaches relevant bloggers and influencers with authority and large audiences.
  3. Social media – A free marketing tool that helps to get your content in front of the right people and potential customers.

BEWARE: You may be aware that it is against Google’s guidelines to pay for links – it is against our policy too. Google has very strict guidelines on this and may result in your website receiving a penalty if you go against these rules, which can be highly detrimental to your website. We strongly advise going down this route.


Having several years of experience in outreach, our team understands which backlinks are needed to ensure your website reaps the right rewards. Followed backlinks are highly desirable, especially from high-authority websites as they allow “link juice” to flow to your website; low-authority and spam-like links are not (such as directory or forum sites). However, no-follow links block any transfer of “link juice” from entering your website’s domain.

To identify whether a backlink is a “follow” or “no follow” link, it is very simple. On the article where you have been given a link, simply right-click and select “View Page Source”. Press ctrl + F and find your website’s URL embedded inside the text.


For example: <a href=>Pmachine SEO</a>

For example: <a href= ref="nofollow">Pmachine SEO</a>

Gaining organic, high-quality links that are relevant and authoritative are important for building your business’ profile. To do this, our expert PR team creates relevant and captivating campaigns for your business, to ensure engagement and coverage from journalists, with the hope they publish the work with a clickable followed link to your website.


Put simply, links are vital for your website. The more high-quality backlinks you get, the higher the chances are that your website will rank highly on the SERP. This isn’t easy, which is why many companies decide to enlist an agency to carry out a link building service for them.

Here at, we offer the very best link building strategies for our clients, with the aim to get organic high PR links. Our team have wide-ranging knowledge and expertise in the field, which results in a number of benefits for your business:

Get in touch today to see just how effective white hat backlinks from truly powerful referring domains can be!

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