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Hosted Trial

For only $10.00 you can try ExpressionEngine on our servers for 30 days.  This is a great way to try it since there is absolutely nothing for you to install.  Your account will be set-up instantly when you sign up and the ten dollars will be applied to your purchase if you decide to buy it.  The only restriction is you will not have FTP access to the server, but ExpressionEngine does not require it in order to take full advantage of its tools.

Sign up for the 30 day trial

Downloadable Trial

A free 14 day trial version is available for download.  All features are enabled, however the source code has been encrypted and it expires in 14 days.

Please Note:  Your server must support the Zend Optimizer Version 2.5.0 or later in order to run the trial version.  If you are not sure if your server supports the Zend Optimizer please ask your hosting provider.

Also Note:  The trial version has slightly different installation instructions which you will find here .

Download the Trial Version

If you experience any problems installing the trial version please let us know.  Your satisfaction is very important to us so we will make every effort possible to help you have a good experience with our products.  You can reach us at: