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ExpressionEngine Developers

Are you a PHP programmer?  If so, consider becoming an ExpressionEngine module developer.

With its plugin and module support, ExpressionEngine is an ideal platform for PHP developers.  ExpressionEngine comes with important core resources like session and member management, security and authentication, localization, and templating, enabling you to greatly accelerate your development time by focusing only on the enhancements you need.  And since our module license is virtually unrestricted you have complete freedom to create, distribute, and even sell your own add-on modules.

By becoming an ExpressionEngine Developer you'll be part of an exciting community that enjoys a large, very fast-growing user base.  Your development efforts will provide ExpressionEngine users with more capability, while helping you pursue your own professional goals.

We will soon be releasing our developer documentation and launching a developer forum so we look forward to your involvement.  Please contact us at with your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to pay to become an ExpressionEngine developer?


Do I have to formally register to become an ExpressionEngine developer?

No, but we would like to hear from you so we can talk about your project and give you our input.

Do you offer development versions of ExpressionEngine?

Yes.  We offer free development copies of ExpressionEngine.  Start by registering at pMachine.com (if you are not already a member).  Once you do, please contact us at .  Please include the username you registered with, your URL, and some information about yourself or your firm.  Note: These copies are for development purposes only.  They are not to be used for live sites.

What are the license restrictions?

You are only allowed to distribute the add-on modules and plugins you create.  You may not distribute the core ExpressionEngine system nor any modules you did not develop.  You'll find the license at the bottom of this page.

What is the difference between a plugin and a module?

Plugins are small run-time enhancements. They are simple to create and free to be distributed. The plugin architecture is designed to enable you to affect the output of ExpressionEngine in a wide variety of ways.  Please visit our plugin page for more info.

Modules are larger systems that can be integrated into the ExpressionEngine control panel. Almost anything that can be achieved as a stand-alone application can be designed as an ExpressionEngine module.

Will pMachine publicize my module?

We will list your module and link to it from our site.

Do I have to pay pMachine a commission if I sell modules I develop?


Can I sell my add-on module through the store at pMachine.com?

Yes, if your company meets our standards of professionalism, integrity, and customer service, and if your module meets our standards of quality.  Please note that we will charge a commission on all sales through our store.  Contact pMachine.com if you would like to be considered.

ExpressionEngine Module License

With the exception of the following restrictions, you are free to create, distribute, and sell add-on modules:

  • You may not reproduce, distribute, or transfer the core ExpressionEngine system, or portions thereof, to any third party.
  • You may not reproduce, distribute, or transfer ExpressionEngine modules that you did not develop.
  • You may not develop modules that violate, or enable users to violate the ExpressionEngine end-user license.

If you have questions, please contact: