Linkless Brand Mentions and SEO.

What is a mention?

A mention is when your brand is talked about online without a backlink. A positive example may be that someone had a pleasant experience with your brand and, in turn, contributed a review or referred to you in their blog post. You can receive good or bad mentions. Another phrase you may have come across is ‘social mentions’. These simply refer to mentions on social media sites, for instance, Facebook or Twitter.

Why should you care about mentions?

Follow these five steps to get more mentions:

1. Attach a ‘call to action’ within all of your communications. For instance, you can encourage or ask your audience to tweet about you during conferences by providing a twitter handle in your brochures or on exhibition banners. The press often refers to tweets for pictures and comments when writing about an event or a product launch. As such, your mention could easily be converted into a high-quality link.

2. Use creative competitions which require the participants to mention you online when they take part. To turn the mention into a link, ask them to link back to the competition or your homepage.

3. Be a thought leader in your industry and the mentions will naturally follow, a classic way to position yourself toward earning links. However, you need to sure your website is optimized for this to work.

4. Create products and services that are worth bragging about. Happy customers will gladly link back to your website if asked nicely.

5. Respond to feedback from all your mentions, regardless if the comment is negative. Show your audience that you want to hear their thoughts and care about their opinions.

6. Ensure you have an outstanding User Experience (UX).

How to find mentions?

There are two great ways to find mentions through Google. The first way is to search manually using site commands. The second method is to get notified automatically through Google Alerts. However, a combination of the two will provide the best results. Other approaches include brand mention tools such as BuzzSumo, Awario and Social Mention to name a few.

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