The Team

Rick Ellis

CEO and Lead Developer

Rick Ellis has a diverse background in media technology, having worked in creative and technical capacities on interactive projects for Disney, to feature films for Oliver Stone, and almost every kind of web-based project in-between. pMachine is the culmination of his passion for the internet and a desire to enable people to use it in meaningful ways.

Paul "reedmaniac" Burdick

Chief Technology Officer

Since 1997, Paul has been immersed in internet and multimedia technologies. Previous to pMachine, he worked at Reed College in Portland, OR, managing web infrastructure, creating online resources used in research and teaching, and developing higher-education tools used across the United States. He has a degree in Philosophy and a love of the outdoors. When he's not at pMachine, you'll find Paul at

Chris Curtis

Director of Technical Services

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Chris has been building websites and working on internet-related projects since 1995, and working with dynamic content sites since 2000. He is familiar with HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL databases, and of course, has an extraordinary knowledge of pMachine. You can visit his personal site at

Nevin Lyne

Director, PMachine Hosting

For fifteen years, Nevin Lyne has worked with server and networking technologies. His clients have included small businesses, to enterprise level institutions like the Mayo Clinic. As the chief principal behind pMachine Hosting, Nevin brings a wealth of experience and a proven commitment to our clients.

Leslie Camacho

Director, pMachine Services

Leslie has been helping people succeed on the web since 1994. Over the last decade (wow, it's been that long) he's managed projects large and small and got himself a BBA in Marketing Management with honors. He discovered pMachine shortly after its inception, and was an instant convert and evangelist. When he's not sitting in front of his computer making his clients' lives easier, he's out hiking, taking pictures, or writing short stories.

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