Why Hire an SEO company? Gone are the days where you could just hire one SEO expert to take care of all of your digital marketing needs.

In todays world, Google has made the process of ranking your site high in the search engine results pages (SERPs) so complex and involved that for anything semi competitive, a large variation of skillsets is needed which only the best SEO company possess.

Here at Pmachine.com, we have identified these developments in SEO (search engine optimization) practices and understood the necessity to set about building the technical foundations for a special kind of SEO agency.

These defined foundations, if built and finetuned correctly will encourage Google to trust a site, allow them to most effectively crawl and understand the sites content and subsequently, rank it highly.

We call these foundations the 4 pillars of SEO.
1. Technical SEO excellence and purity

Technical SEO excellence and purity

In its simplest form this means that the site needs to be as close to perfection as possible. It has to have:

Your site must be hosted on a fast, preferably dedicated server with a response time of less than 200ms. Mobile first indexing has made this more important than ever!

The site must be perfectly tuned for your audience to ensure they not only stay on the site, but also fully engage with it. Skilled content marketing ensures a great user experience which is crucial and something which Google has clearly stated that they and their algorithms are looking for when analyzing the websites they crawl.

On-site optimization lays the foundations for a successful organic campaign. Without paying attention to your meta tags, keyword density, internal linking structures and the overall approach to your content (to name just a few of the elements we look at when considering on-page optimization), you will not be able to compete.

Perhaps most importantly, each page should answer and fully satisfy the user intent of the person finding the page in the search engine results page. Put simply, if your content does not deserve to rank and genuinely help the searcher, it will be a constant uphill battle.

1. Technical SEO excellence and purity

Link Earning

Previously THE most important foundation of any ranking website, links have taken a bit of a back step over the last few years in Googles algorithms. However, good quality organic, earned links from highly authoritative online publications are still incredibly important. In fact, without them, a competitive site will never rank well. Your backlink profile needs to be:

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Earned and not built

Gone are the days where you could guest blog or use PBNs to rank for high search volume, competition and buyer intent keywords. The links that demonstrate trust and generate authority can no longer be bought. They must be earned by publishing only the highest quality, well researched content which is outreached through contacts and social media.

Links from leaders in your industry will raise your profile while links from toxic domains will weigh it down causing link-based Google penalties. As a business owner, actively monitoring the websites pointing to your business is vital and disavow management is a key part of our SEO services and online marketing strategy.

Mentions and branded links help greatly with anchor text diversity to ensure that your link profile does not just “look” natural but is natural. Over optimized link profiles are easily recognisable to Google and other SEO agencies which is most likely why they are now a thing of the past in terms of ranking and online presence.

1. Technical SEO excellence and purity

Keyword Research

It is amazing how many SEO firms see keyword research as an afterthought. This is absolutely the number one task and responsibility of any responsible SEO services company. Yes, it can change and evolve with time but without that initial well researched list of keyphrases, it will be almost impossible to effectively carry out any other task. At Pmachine, we carry out keyword research using our extensive:

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Only by gaining a full understanding of what it is that your website is offering can we identify the keyword opportunities that will bring you the best return on investment (ROI).

Unlike others who only invest in one keyword research tool, we use a wide range of tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, SEMrush and other inhouse bespoke tools. These allow us to really hone down and discover not only those keywords which will produce targeted traffic, but which will convert and rank well quickly also.

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Keyword research is an art form. Done properly it is a joy to watch. Our team has decades of experience and a rare understanding of searcher behavior patterns and flow. Understanding the buyer’s journey and user intent is vital but almost nonexistent amongst many SEO agencies around today.

1. Technical SEO excellence and purity

Regular Audits

consistently ensuring all aspects of the site are running smoothly is a vital yet often neglected role of an SEO company. Years of hard work can be gone with astonishing speed when something goes wrong and unspotted for even a short length of time. We carry out the following on-going work for all our clients methodically. You can rest assured knowing that if something ever goes wrong, we will be quick to spot it:

We analyse your link profile ensuring that it remains as clean as possible by removing any toxic links to your site. Such links are dealt with before they get the chance to cause any harm or hinder your rankings. Toxic links can be gained naturally but in some cases can be a direct result of a negative SEO attack. It is imperative you find these links early and that they are dealt with via either a clean-up or by filing a disavow file to Google so that they get removed from the link graph and their toxic effects are neutralized.

This is what we and many industry experts believe to be the second biggest reason for ranking drops or slow progress. Duplicated and examples of thin content should be regularly monitored and dealt with as quickly as possible. Nothing signals low quality more than text or content that exists in countless of other documents on the web. Users to your website should benefit from unique information and points of view that only you can provide.

Monitoring the pages of your site that Google has indexed is incredibly important. Only the pages that are useful for people to find should be indexed. Keeping out indexation errors such as duplicated query string URLs is also part of keeping your site as healthy as possible. Canonicalization, redirection, applying NOINDEX tags to pages, complete rewrites are all parts of the solutions we can provide and advise on.

These are there as a preventative measure. Ensuring your server is running as fast and as safe as it can be. Pmachine will make sure your site continues to serve searchers well with no interruptions or unexpected downtimes. A well maintained, well patched server, in a good neighbourhood is the structure your site is relying on. Ensure its always sturdy and safe.

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