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Language Packs

Language Packs allow you to run your pMachine control panel in a foreign language.

Language Packs are installed as follows:

  • Put the language pack in your "language" directory.
  • In your "config.php" file, change the word "english", to your new language.

Available Languages   
Translated By   
Chinese (Traditional) 2.3 Deng Jie
Chinese (Simplified) 2.3 Deng Jie
Czech 2.3 Pavel Kotrla
Danish 2.3 Heri Hammer Niclasen
Dutch 2.3 Oskar van Rijswijk and Joost Brok
French 2.3 Dominique
Finnish 2.3 Ossi Pylvalainen
German 2.3 Konstantin Klein
Indonesian 2.3 Thomas A. Arie Setiawan
Hungarian 2.3 Balazs Szanto
Japanese (Mac/Unix users) 2.3 Mao
Japanese (Windows users) 2.3 Mao
Korean 2.3
Norwegian 2.3 Geir Marthinussen
Italian 2.3 (2.3) Nando Nasi   (2.2) Monica Cainarca
Persian 2.3 Parisa Bahralmou
Portuguese 2.3 Fabio Sampaio
Russian 2.3 Max Belousov
Slovak 2.3 Gabriel Schwardy
Slovenian 2.3 Gorazd Majcenovic
Spanish 2.3 Isabelle Brochard and Ivan Tamayo (2.1)  Juan Carlos Celaya (2.2)

If you are interested in translating pMachine, please contact:

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