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pMachine Pro Features

Publishing Features

Multiple Weblogs.  pMachine Pro supports multiple weblogs.  You can separate your weblogs into independent pages, or you can put multiple weblogs on the same page.  You can even create completely unique pages for each weblog entry.  (pMachine Free allows only one weblog - a great reason to upgrade to Pro!)

Categories.  You can create lists of categories for each of your weblogs, then assign each new weblog entry to one of your categories.  Visitors can then choose to view your weblog sorted by category.  Categories can be independently assigned for each weblog, or shared globally across all weblogs.

Commenting.  Visitors can post comments to your entries.  You can enable/disable comments at the weblog level, or on a per entry basis.  You may also choose to require membership to post (see independent registration below).

Trackback and Pingback.  pMachine supports both notification standards.  These enable your website to be notified when someone mentions it elsewhere on the web.

Collective Weblogs.  By changing one preference, pMachine turns a weblog into an online community.  In a collective weblog, visitors can submit their own entries - not just comments.  Other visitors can then submit comments to those entries.  The collective weblog feature adds the higher level of dialog and collaboration that community building requires.

Integrated Discussion Forum.  PMachinePro comes with a ready-to-use discussion forum module.  Install it in seconds by answering two questions and clicking one button.

Search Engine.  pMachine allows your visitors to do simple or advanced keyword searches of your information.  Your search results can be displayed in a wide variety of ways, and even include excerpts from each entry.  The search engine is fast too!

Membership and Collaboration

Member Registration.  pMachine allows member registration and gives you 12 member levels, ranging from basic access to super user status (that's you...hey, it's your weblog).  Members can self-manage their "profile," view other member profiles and send them email and birthday greetings directly from your site.  You can display and sort your member list in a number of ways.

Two-Step Account Activation.  If you require member registration, you may optionally require that new members activate their account before being allowed to post comments, or participate in collaborative weblogs.  Activation insures that the email address they submit is valid, since the activation instructions are emailed to them.

Independent registration.  Comments and weblog entries have independent membership options.  You may require registration to submit weblog entries, but not for comments - or vice versa.

Multiple Authors and Access Privileges.  pMachine fully supports collaborative authoring control.  Each author can be granted one of the twelve different access levels.  Furthermore, any member of your site can be upgraded to any status you choose.

Public Member Profiles.  pMachine allows visitors to view information about each person who posts on your site.  (Profiles can only exist for registered members.)

Communication Features

Post Office.  pMachine enables you to send email to your members or your mailing list  You can filter the mail by different membership levels.  Each message can be personalized with the member name - even when sending bulk mail.  And with pMachine Pro, the mailing features are greatly enhanced.  It supports multiple mailing lists, HTML email, priorities, word wrapping and more.  In addition you can choose one of three protocols for sending email (Sendmail, SMTP, and Mail)

Member Email Notification.  Your visitors can be notified automatically when someone responds to their comments and/or weblog entries.  This option works whether you require membership or not.

Admin Notification.  At your option, pMachine will notify you every time someone submits a new comment, posts an entry in a collective weblog, or becomes a new member.  Each of these options can be set by weblog and, within a weblog, independently from each other.

"Tell-A-Friend"  Your visitors can email individual entries to people they know.

Contact Form. Your visitors can send you email using a form on your site.  You can have multiple contact forms sending email to independent destinations.

Multiple Calendars.
  * Event Calendar.
  * Birthday Calendar.
  * Mini Calendar.
The mini calendar shows a link for each day where you have entries and also lets you navigate forward/backward by month.  You can display multiple instances of each calendar, with independent display preferences.  (pMachine Free only provides the birthday calendar.)

Flexibility and Control

Search-engine Friendly URLs  pMachine's URL rewriting engine lets search engines, like Google, catalog your site more easily.

Weblog Headlines.  You can put a list of your most recent weblog titles, as well as a short excerpt from them, on a different page then your weblog.  There are quite a few design options for this feature.

Weblog Titles.  You can display lists of titles for every weblog entry you've ever written.  This list can be used on an archives page, or in any other page.  Each title is formatted as a link to the entry.  You can also display the list by weblog, if you have more than one.

"Members Only" Content.  You can restrict access to your content based on the membership level of your users.

Modifiable Date and Time.  You can change the date and time of your entries in order to move their placement in your weblog.

Expiration Date.  You can optionally set an expiration date for each weblog entry.  Weblog entries will automatically disappear from your site after the expiration date.

Future Dating.  If you make the date sometime in the future, the entry won't appear until that date (allows you to plan out a series of entries and set them to post at specific date and times).

Time Zone Offset.  If your server is located in a different time zone, you can offset pMachine so your entries and comments will have the correct date and time.

Closed by Default.  Weblog entries submitted by your visitors can be "closed" by default.  You can use this to moderate new entries before making them public.

Time Lock.  You can set an amount of time which must laps before a visitor can post another comment or collective entry to prevent "flooding".

Curse Word Censoring.  pMachine lets you censor words contained in a user-definable library.

IP Banning.  You can ban IP addresses to prevent unwanted people from posting.

Maximum Comment/Entry Size.  You may set a maximum number of allowed characters in a comment and/or collective weblog entry to prevent entries that are too big from being submitted.

Content Formatting

Extensive Preferences and Templates.  pMachine has broad preference settings for each weblog giving you tremendous flexibility in the presentation of your content.  The pMachine templating system allows you to totally control the look of your site.

Automatic Link Formatting.  pMachine will automatically turn URLs and email addresses submitted in weblog entries and comments into clickable links.

Email Encoding.  All email addresses (administrators and members/visitors) are encoded into character entities and wrapped in JavaScript to prevent email harvesting crawlers and spambots from gathering them.

Auto XHTML Typography.  With this feature enabled, certain characters in your entries will be automatically converted to typographically sound XHTML valid entities.  Quotes will be turned into curly quotes, etc.  In addition, line breaks (carriage returns) will be replaced into pairs of <p></p> tags.

Image Formatting.  You can pre-define HTML formatting that will be applied to images placed in your entries.

Alternating Colors.  pMachine comes with "color tags" that can automatically be set to alternate.  You can use these tags creatively to add alternating color touches to your entries.

Content Entry

Multiple Entry Fields.  EACH weblog entry has six independent fields which you can submit information into.  You can then display these fields on your pages in any number of ways.  You can even put HTML in these fields and construct completely unique pages for each entry.  Fields that are not used can be hidden (pMachine Free only allows three fields).

"One Click" Programmable Buttons.  There are a set of sixteen user programmable buttons which let you add HTML and other frequently used content to your weblog entries.

Fast Entry with Bookmarklet.  pMachine includes a Bookmarklet that enables you to publish to your site without needing to go to your control panel.  The pMachine Bookmarklet includes all of the features the control panel entry page has - including previewing.

Blogger API Support.  Allows you to use desktop applications, like BlogApp, BlogBuddy and wBloggar to submit and edit pMachine entries.

Image and file uploading.  pMachine comes with a full-featured image and file uploading handler.  You can upload files to multiple destinations, view, overwrite and delete existing files, and even apply pre and post HTML formatting.

File Browser/Editor.  The control panel has a built-in HTML page browser/editor that you can use to update your web pages.


Hit Counter.  pMachine comes with a graphic and text based hit counter.  You can create your own images for the counter and set a number of preferences.

Comment "hit" tracking.  pMachine tracks how many times your comment or extended entry pages have been viewed.  You can show this information in each entry.

More Statistics.  You can display a wide range of statistics for your site - the number of members, comments, weblog entries, most popular weblog entries, etc.  You visitors can view this information.  You can also show lists of entries submitted by each member in their profile page.

Advanced Coding Capabilities

pMachine Tag Library.  There are over 75 pMachine code tags which you can use to add content and control formatting on your pages.

pBlocks.  pMachine has a unique feature called pBlocks which enables content to automatically change each time someone visits.  Think of pBlocks as "dynamic containers" that you can set up with a few clicks.  With pBlocks, you can do simple things like show a different image each time a page is loaded (or quote, list of links...).  You can also use pBlocks for complex things like change the entire look of your site for each visit! You have an unlimited number of pBlocks at your disposal, so you can use them in many different capacities.

pMcode.  Similar to UBB Code, pMcode allows visitors to submit a simplified variation of certain HTML tags in their comments to add "style" to their entries.

Multi-language Support.  pMachine comes with independent language files which can be translated in to any language.  Administrators can select the language used in the control panel on a per-login basis.  pMachine will automatically recognize any language pack you have installed.

Security.  pMachine passwords are encrypted with a 128 bit one-way, non-decodable scheme.  Passwords can not be decoded - even by pMachine.  pMachine also allows you to name the directory containing your scripts uniquely so that people can not have access to your scripts.  pMachine includes many other security features, like data filtering, maximum submission size, etc.

Full CSS/XHTML Compliance.  The default weblog installed by pMachine is W3C validated, 100% CSS/XHTML-Transitional compliant code.

RSS Headline Syndication.  You can publish your weblog to an XML page.  If you have multiple weblogs, you can choose which one(s) to publish to the page.  Your content can then be used on other people's sites, or in other formats, like wireless devices.

XML Parser.  With pMachine's XML Parser, you can display RSS feeds from your favorite sites, formatted to look any way you want.  Any site with an RSS feed can be featured on your site.

Ping weblogs.com.  pMachine will "ping" www.weblogs.com every time you submit an entry.

The Next Step

pMachinePro is available for immediate download through our online store.  Our price? Only $45 for non-commercial use.

Your pMachine Pro license gives you unrestricted access to all of the pMachine features you have just seen.

Have questions before you purchase?

Stop by our online support forum and post your question

If you would like to ask a question through email, send it to:

Not quite ready to take the plunge?

A free pMachine version is available if you would like to test pMachine out first.

The free version does not have a time limit, but there are some other limitations: You are only allowed one weblog.  Some advanced features are disabled, and priority technical support is not available.

pMachineFree is designed to give you a firsthand look at the value you will gain.  We know you will like it.  When you are ready, help us continue to develop pMachine by purchasing a Pro version.  We need your support!