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pMachine News
December 01, 2004
ExpressionEngine Template Contest - Voting!
The ExpressionEngine Template Contest is now open for voting! There were over twenty five entries submitted, and we need your help to choose the winners! Each member is allowed to vote for one template in each of the two categories, and we will announce the winners on December 10th.

Examine all of the submitted templates and vote here.

November 21, 2004
ExpressionEngine Version 1.2 Released
Version 1.2 comes with the ExpressionEngine Photo Gallery, enabling users to organize and display their digital photos on the web. 

The ExpressionEngine Photo Gallery supports advanced features such as image watermarking, cropping, resizing, rotation, thumbnailing, user commenting, nested categories, batch importing, multiple galleries, and more.  Photos can even be emailed to the gallery! 

Version 1.2 also delivers several new core features and improvements. For a complete list please see the change log in the ExpressionEngine user guide.

Version 1.2 is a free update for existing ExpressionEngine users. It can be downloaded by visiting the download page.

November 03, 2004
Template Contest!
We are pleased to announce the ExpressionEngine Template Contest with over $2000 in prizes!

Are you a designer? If so, consider submitting a template design in one of the contest's two categories. Submissions will be accepted until the end of November, and then eight winners will be chosen by our community members to share the prizes. You can enter more than once, so start designing!

October 31, 2004
Call For Beta Testers
EE Version 1.2, containing our new Image Gallery Module, is ready to be beta tested. If you are currently running ExpressionEngine and you are interested in trying it please email us. Include the username you use at pmachine.com so we can enable your download account. Note: We are specifically looking for people who are interested in using the new image gallery module.

September 16, 2004
Developer Resources
The ExpressionEngine Developer Resources have entered the building! Have you eagerly been awaiting our developer resources for modules and plugins? Well, go check them out in the new Developer Resources section of the pMachine site. There are step-by-step tutorials with example projects along with detailed information about using ExpressionEngine's native classes. Dedicated forums now exist for discussing your add-on or requesting assistance with that pesky technical problem. In the next few days, a dedicated Developers Mailing List will be available where developers can have email discussions about developing in ExpressionEngine.

ExpressionEngine is a flexible, modular, feature-packed web publishing system that permits virtually any kind of web content to be managed - from a no-compromise weblog, to an advanced interactive magazine, to a corporate site requiring the power of a full-featured content management solution.

Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Included!
ExpressionEngine 1.2 comes bundled with a Photo Gallery Module that enables users to display their digital photos on the web!  The gallery comes with great features, like image thumbnailing, cropping, resizing, and more!  Read more.
Hassle Free Trial.  New users, we offer a hassle-free 30 day trial.  For only $10.00 we will install a full-featured demo version of ExpressionEngine on our servers for you to try.  And if you buy it, we will apply your $10.00 to the purchase.  Or you can download the 14 day trial for free and try it on your existing hosting account.

Make the Swtich! The $99.00 Competitive Upgrade

Tired of the limitations of your current publishing system?  Think you deserve unrestricted features with the price of admission?  So do we!  If you want to make the switch to ExpressionEngine, now is your chance.  We're offering a $99.00 competitive upgrade offer for people currently using a different publishing system. 

IMPORTANT GUIDELINES:  To qualify for this offer you must have been actively running your site on another publishing system for the past 6 months or more. 

Make the switch now!  Start by registering at pMachine.com (if you are not already a member).  Once you do, please email with the following information:  Your username, Real Name, and the URL of your site.  As soon as you do we will activate your account so you can purchase ExpressionEngine at the special price.


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