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ExpressionEngine is the world's most creative and powerful web publishing software.  In fact, it will redefine the entire genre.  Bold claim?  Yes, but we can back it up.  Read on and you'll see why ExpressionEngine is so compelling, or download a free trial and see it in action for yourself.
Redefining the Weblog

Redefining the Weblog With its support for data modeling, web services, work-flow, dynamic data caching, nested category trees, and much more, ExpressionEngine gives you the firepower to create a weblog with zero compromises. What do you want to communicate?� How do you want to present it?� What level of interactivity do you require?� ExpressionEngine lets you fully realize your creative vision.

However, ExpressionEngine won't overwhelm you with technology. Even if you have modest experience you'll find that ExpressionEngine enables your creative process through its intuitive interface and tools. If you are a web geek, you'll salivate over its advanced features, modular architecture, and enterprise-level scalability.

Modular by Design

Modular by Design Virtually all systems in ExpressionEngine are handled as add-on modules, making it extensible for any purpose.  ExpressionEngine comes with 13 modules, from our weblog, commenting, and statistics modules, to our new Moblog module, giving it a very broad set of features.  In the coming months we will continue to develop and release new modules to extend ExpressionEngine's capability.  We will also encourage other PHP developers to take advantage of our unrestricted plugin and module licensing in order to create and distribute their own enhancements. Our goal is to make ExpressionEngine the most compelling web community building platform available.  Please note: Some modules will be sold separately.

It's Alive!

Our new template engine lets your pages come alive, with support for sub-templates, conditional operators, dynamic variables, embedded PHP, direct SQL queries, and other features only found in enterprise-level content management systems. No other publishing application has a template engine this advanced. As a user, you'll appreciate the elegant touches, like a customizable work space, a versioning system so you'll never lose a single change you make, and a hit tracker for each page so you'll know which ones are most popular. And since each template represents a complete web page, you can change your site design in a snap. You can even save designs to your template library, or export them to share with others.

Data Modeling

Data Modeling pMachine Pro gives you six entry fields for your weblog content - more entry fields, in fact, than any other weblog application. ExpressionEngine blows that away by giving you an unlimited number of entry fields - per weblog! Fields can be input boxes, textareas, or pull-down menus.

Do you need twenty fields to create your killer e-zine? No problem. Or how about a pull-down menu containing the mood you're in when you post? Simple. Or perhaps a couple fields for your breakout content? Your choice.

The member management system allows data modeling as well, letting you define what personal information you want to collect from your members. These custom fields can be input boxes, pull-down menus, or textareas. You can even make fields required for member registration.

ExpressionEngine is Fast.  Really Fast.

ExpressionEngine is Fast! ExpressionEngine raises the bar for dynamic systems by utilizing server resources at a level almost on-par with static pages. Through our attention to detail, the highest levels of coding practice, and our absolute commitment to minimizing server impact, ExpressionEngine can handle huge traffic loads while remaining totally dynamic.

If that's not enough, we offer the most advanced data caching system available. In fact, ExpressionEngine has three independent data caching systems: Query Caching, Tag Caching, and Template Caching. You can cache the output of your database, entire pages, or even sections within pages. Our caching systems are so advanced, in fact, that you can even cache pages that must remain dynamic, like your user comment page. ExpressionEngine will intelligently refresh the data cache after user input.

For the first time, you can achieve static server loads - and static page load speeds - from a fully-dynamic system. No other content management system, other than those costing tens, to hundreds of thousands of dollars achieve this level of performance and scalability.

Security Taken Seriously

Security taken Seriously ExpressionEngine supports cutting-edge security features, like 160 bit SHA1 password encryption, hash-encoded forms and duplicate data denial to prevent spamming, a password lockout feature that deters collision and brute force attacks, a Secure Password Mode that prevents users from choosing passwords that appear in a dictionary or that are based on the username, User Agent and IP matching to deter direct socket access, meticulous user data filtering including the prevention of cross-site script hacking, and more. In addition, ExpressionEngine only allows data to flow though a master system file that imposes security checks like URI and path screening, and denial of auto-globals.

Dynamic All the Way

Dynamic all the way Are you tired of waiting for page rebuilding, or twiddling your thumbs waiting for slow technologies like Perl and CGI? ExpressionEngine cures all that and more by providing a 100% dynamic experience that is virtually as fast and light-weight as static pages, yet infinitely more flexible and dynamic.

And Much More...

The core ExpressionEngine system comes with many extras, like image-thumbnailing, a double opt-in mailing list, an SQL manager, a skinable control panel, and much more! And we're just getting started!

ExpressionEngine was written in PHP, the most popular scripting language on the planet. Why? Because PHP enables a level of power, speed, and flexibility that is unmatched by other languages, particularly those that rely on CGI, like Perl. It's no accident that PHP has become the de-facto scripting language on the internet, putting CGI into fast retreat. There is simply no better choice to build your web community with.

Build your web community on a foundation you'll never outgrow. Build it with ExpressionEngine!