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ExpressionEngine Features
Web Publishing Features

Multiple Weblogs
ExpressionEngine supports an unlimited number of weblogs.  You can separate your weblogs into independent pages, or you can put multiple weblogs on the same page.

Custom Entry Fields
Each weblog can have its own unique set of entry fields.  These can be input boxes, pull-down menus or textareas.

Custom Statuses
Create editorial work-flow by creating statuses that you can assign your entries to, like "first draft", "revision", "final edit", etc.  You can color-code them too.

Multiple Categories
Each entry can be assigned to multiple categories, and you can create as many unique category groups as you want.

Search Engine
Powerful search module with simple and advanced search capbaility. You can search within weblogs, comments, members, and categories.

Moblog Module
Email weblog entries and photos to ExpressionEngine using your mobile phone or email program.

Ping Servers
Each user can define their own servers to ping when new entries are added.

HTML formatting buttons
Each user can store their own formatting elements that are available at the click of a button.

Search-Engine Friendly URLs
The URLs produced by ExpressionEngine do not contain query strings which are disliked by search engines. Rather, they mimic the directory structure of static sites.

URL Titles
Each weblog entry can be given a "human friendly" title for use with the URL permalink.

Sticky Topics
Weblog entries can be made "sticky", forcing them to always show up at the top of the page.

Image and File Uploading
Upload to multiple destinations, and limit uploads to specific user groups.

Image Resizing and Thumbnailing
ExpressionEngine lets you resize images and create thumbnails, with support for the three major image manipulation protocols: GD, NetPBM,and ImageMagick.

Image and File Browsing
View your uploaded images in the convenient File Browser

Commenting System
You can choose to require membership to post comments, or allow non-registered commenting. The commenting system has spam protection features built in.

Commenting Moderation
You can optionally make user comments subject to admin approval.

Trackback System
Our trackback system supports auto-discovery, multiple pings, and has built-in spam protection.

RSS Syndication
With RSS, your content can be made available for syndication.  ExpressionEngine supports all major RSS formats, including the new Atom format.

Add "smileys" to your weblog entries and comments.

Post weblog entries using a convenient bookmarklet.

Multi-language Support
ExpressionEngine currently supports English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, and Finnish.

Template Features

Full Page Modeling
Each template represents an entire web page

Conditional Operators
Use conditionals to show targeted content to users that meet any criteria you set.

Custom Global Variables
Create your own variables that you can use in any template.

With our Embedded Template feature, any template can be nested within another template, allowing you to use common headers, footers, and other site elements. This feature is so flexible you can put templates within templates within templates within templates...

Template Access Restriction
You can limit the viewing of each template to specific Member Groups.

PHP in Templates
You can choose to allow or deny PHP scripting in each template. You can even choose where in the chain the PHP parsing occurs - either pre-template or post-template.

Custom SQL Queries
Using our Query Tag, you can construct your own custom database queries. This feature essentially allows you to create your own tags.

Template Exporting
Export your templates as text or zip files.

Template Library
Save your templates to a library so they can be used to create new ones.

Versioning System
ExpressionEngine lets you save every change you make to your templates so you can go back in time and retrieve older versions.

Customizable Workspace
Each user can customize the size of the template window.

Template Notes
Store notes and information regarding each template.

Member Management Features

Multi-user system
ExpressionEngine is a true multi-user system. Each user can granted a wide range of privileges, letting you define with precise control what each user is permitted to do.

Member Groups
You can define an unlimited number of Member Groups, each with over 40 individual user privileges. Each member of your community is assigned to a Member Group, determining what they are allowed to do.

Custom Member Fields
The member profile system permits you to add your own fields. Build your own data model and collect the information you need from your users.

Member Activation
Members can "self-activate" via email or you can validate accounts manually.

Advanced member profile management
Each member has their own profile management page, in which they can set preferences and update their personal information.

Member Localization
Each member can have their own localization settings, allowing them to view your site in their local time.

Member Communication
An Email Console permits members to email each other from your system. Each user can choose whether or not to receive email.

Email Console Logs
For security, all email sent by your members is logged.

Member QuickLinks
Each member that has Control Panel access can view their own custom links in the Control Panel navigation.

Each member has their own notepad.

Communications Features

Mult-protocol Support
ExpressionEngine supports the three major email protocols: Mail, SendMail, and SMTP.

Flexible Email Options
HTML email, priorities, word wrapping, CC, BCC and any combination of recipients, from member groups, to individuals, to members of your mailing list.

Mailing List Manager
ExpressionEngine comes with an integrated double opt-in/opt-out mailing list.

Mail Caching
All emails are saved so you can keep a record of your sent messages.

Batch Mode Processing
This feature permits you to send email to very large lists without needing a dedicated email server.

Module and Plugin Features

Auto-recognized Plugins
Our plugin engine lets you install plugins just by putting them into your "plugins" folder. Plugins let you extend the system with new features.

Module API
Virtually every system in ExpressionEngine is handled as an add-on module. With our module API, ExpressionEngine can be extended to meet any conceivable need by adding new modules.

Caching Features

Query Caching
The output of your database is cached, reducing the database load.

Tag Caching
Each individual template tag can be cached, allowing pages to be both dynamic and static simultaneously.

Page Caching
Entire templates can be cached, producing the fastest rendering time of any dynamic system.

Security Features

160 bit SHA1 password encryption
SHA1 is the worlds most secure password hashing scheme.

Session Management
ExpressionEngine has three separate session management systems, based on your security needs. Your control panel and your public site can each utilize its own session preferences.

Secure Mode Form Processing
Forms can only be submitted once per page load. This prevents duplicate submissions and deters spamming.

Captcha Images
ExpressionEngine can generate "captcha" images for member registration and comment posting to prevent spamming.

Duplicate Data Denial
When enabled, this preference denies any user-submitted data that already exists in the database, providing increased spam protection.

Simultaneous Password Denial
Multiple users can not access the system using the same password simultaneously.

IP and User Agent logging
Our Session Management system tracks both IPs and User Agents for more precise authentication.

Password Lockout
Users can be locked out after several invalid password attempts. This is a deterrent to collision and brute force hacking attempts.

Secure Password Mode
User can not choose passwords that are based on the username, or that appear in a dictionary.

IP Banning
Users can be banned by full or partial IP addresses. Wild-cards can be used.

Email Banning
Email addresses can be banned or restricted from use. Wild-cards can be used.

Username and Screen Name Restricting
This permits you to designate names that you do not want your members using.

Word Censoring
Define a list of banned words. When submitted by your users, the words are replaced with ###


SQL Manager
A full complement of SQL utilities, including database optimization, database backup, manually submitted queries, table info, process info, and more.

Admin Log Files
Various Control Panel processes are logged.

Search and Replace
Globally search and replace content in your weblog entries and templates.

Data Export
Export your templates, and your database.

PHP Info
View information about your PHP installation directly from the ExpressionEngine control panel.

Tracking Features

Referrer Tracking
View a list of sites that link to you through our referrer tracking system. Our referrer module supports advanced blacklisting, allowing you to ban by IP, User Agent or URL.

Hit Tracking
Each template has it's own hit tracker, enabling you to see which pages are most viewed.

Statistical Tracking
ExpressionEngine tracks a variety of statistics, like total number of entries, total comments, total trackbacks, and more.

Online User Tracking
This features allows you to show who is online, how many people are visiting at any given moment, and how many people have ever visited your site.