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Weblog Features ExpressionEngine
Multiple Weblogs yes
Custom Entry Fields yes
Custom Statuses yes
Workflow yes
Multiple Status Groups yes
Categories yes
Multiple Category Groups yes
Multiple Categories Per Entry yes
Custom Categories Order yes
Category Nesting yes
Sticky Topics yes
Future Entries yes
Expiring Entries yes
Moblogging yes
User-definable Ping Servers yes
Custom URL Titles for Each Entry yes
Bookmarklet yes
Emoticons (Smileys) yes
User-definable HTML Formatting Buttons yes
Pagination yes
Article Pagination yes
Search-Engine Friendly URLs yes
Commenting and Trackback Features ExpressionEngine
User Commenting yes
Comment Moderation yes
Comment Expiration yes
Emoticons (Smileys) yes
Trackback yes
Comment Pagination yes
Typographic Features ExpressionEngine
Auto-Typographic Formatting yes
Auto-Convert MS Word Characters yes
Auto-Convert High ASCII to Entities yes
Auto-Linking yes
Email Anti-Spam Encoding yes
Typography Plugin Support yes
Image Processing Features ExpressionEngine
Included Photo Gallery Module yes
Image and File Uploading yes
Image Resizing yes
Image Cropping yes
Image Rotation yes
Image Thumbnailing yes
Image Watermarking yes
Image Magick Support yes
GD/GD2 Support yes
NetPBM Support yes
Template Features ExpressionEngine
Multiple Templates yes
Full-page Templates yes
Members Only Templates yes
PHP Scripting in Templates yes
Embedded Sub-Templates yes
File-based Templates yes
Pre or Post PHP Processing yes
Global Variables yes
Conditional Variables yes
Global Conditionals yes
Custom SQL Queries in Templates yes
Template Cloning yes
Template Versioning yes
Template Notes yes
Template Library yes
Template Caching yes
Custom 404 Pages yes
Data Caching Features ExpressionEngine
Query Caching yes
Tag Caching yes
Template Caching yes
Membership Features ExpressionEngine
Member Management yes
User Profile Management yes
Subscription Manager yes
Member Statuses yes
Member Groups yes
Member Account Activation yes
Members Only Content yes
Multi-user Control Panel yes
Custom Member Fields yes
Member Localization yes
Multi-language support yes
Session Management yes
Communications Features ExpressionEngine
Post Office yes
Mailing List yes
Tell-A-Friend yes
Contact Form yes
Member Email Console yes
Email Multi-Protocol Support yes
Batch Email Import yes
HTML Email yes
CC and BCC yes
Email Caching yes
Email Re-send yes
RSS Syndication yes
RSS Aggregator yes
Search Features ExpressionEngine
Search Engine yes
Search by Weblog yes
Search within Custom Fields yes
Search by Category yes
Search by Status yes
Search by Member yes
Search in Comments yes
Calendaring Features ExpressionEngine
Weblog Calendar yes
Fully Customizable Calendar Output yes
Security Features ExpressionEngine
Password Encryption 160 bit
Secure Password Mode yes
Dictionary Password Lookup yes
IP Banning yes
Email Banning yes
Username/Screen Name Banning yes
Word Censoring yes
Hashed Form Processing yes
Simultaneous Login Denial yes
Password Lockout yes
XSS Hacking Data Filters yes
Admin Logs yes
Spam Deterrents ExpressionEngine
IP Banning yes
Email Banning yes
Username/Screen Name Banning yes
Black List yes
White List yes
Hash Encoded Form Processing yes
Captcha Image yes
Rank Denial via URL Redirection yes
Duplicate Data Denial yes
Comment Throttling yes
Trackback Throttling yes
Trackback URL Randomizer yes
Tracking Features ExpressionEngine
Referrer Tracking yes
Hit Tracking yes
Statistical Tracking yes
Online User Tracking yes
Utilities ExpressionEngine
SQL Manager yes
SQL Export yes
SQL Table Optimization yes
SQL Table Repair yes
SQL Status Info yes
Manually Submitted Queries yes
Admin Log Files yes
Search and Replace yes
Movable Type Import yes
API Support ExpressionEngine
Plugin Support yes
Auto-recognized Plugins yes
Plugin Assignment on Each Field yes
Plugin Manager yes
Module API yes
Script Includes yes
Blogger API yes