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Frequently Asked Questions
Why did you create a whole new program?

We created ExpressionEngine in order to provide a web publishing platform that exceeds the capability of current systems on the market.  We didn't initially set out to design a whole new program, but rather, planned to develop pMachine Pro 3.0.  It become apparent early on, however, that the goals we had set were so ambitious and required approaches that were so fundamentally different than pMachine, that to achieve them required starting with a clean slate.  The decision to create a new program freed us from any existing constraints, allowing us to design without compromises.

Will ExpressionEngine replace pMachine?

At present we are committed to both products and will continue updating both.  Having two systems allows us to meet different price-points and needs.

How is ExpressionEngine different than pMachine Pro?

ExpressionEngine was designed with one overriding goal: Modularity.  Almost every system in ExpressionEngine is designed as an add-on module, which will enable it to serve virtually any conceivable purpose just by creating new modules.  Another notable difference is the template engine.  You no longer have to manage your site using physical web pages and template fragments; in ExpressionEngine a template represents a full page.  There are many other differences, such as the extensive data caching systems, member group management, weblog data modeling, and much more.

I currently use pMachine Pro.  Should I migrate to ExpressionEngine now?

It depends on what features you currently use in pMachine.  ExpressionEngine is a much more powerful, modular and scalable program, however, pMachine is more mature and has some features that ExpressionEngine doesn't.  Please look at the feature list to decide if you should migrate to ExpressionEngine now.

How difficult is it to migrate to ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine does many things fundamentally different than pMachine.  The template engine, in particular, is radically different than pMachine, and therefore requires a different approach to page design.  We have made it easy to import your existing pMachine data into ExpressionEngine, but you will have to redesign your site to take advantage of the new tools.  The best approach is to install ExpressionEngine and design your site with it.  Then before going live, import your existing pMachine weblog entries and members.

What is your discount policy for existing pMachine users, as well as for non-profits and hosting clients?

All existing pMachine Pro license holders can purchase ExpressionEngine for a special offer of $99.00
If you are not an existing pMachine license holder, the pricing is as follows:

  • Non-profit and educational establishments can purchase ExpressionEngine for $149.00.
  • Commercial or business users can purchase ExpressionEngine for $199.00.
  • All new users who sign-up for hosting get a 20% discount.
Please note:  Discounts are not cumulative.  You can only take advantage of one of the promotions.

Do I have to buy a new license every year?

When you purchase a license you own it forever. You can use the license as long as you want. Included with your license is access to our download area where you can download free updates for one year, and to our support forums forever. After one year, if you want to continue accessing the download area for continued updates you can purchase a yearly renewal for $19.95 (non-commercial license) or $39.95 (commercial license).

What are the system requirements for running ExpressionEngine

Please visit our requirements page for this information.

Are future add-on modules included with the software purchase?

Some will be, particularly the ones that provide core enhancements.  The larger, more specialized modules will be sold separately.

The demo versions are not compatible with my server. Does that mean the non-trial version isn't either?

The full version is compatible with any server that meets the PHP and MySQL requirements  We are relying on third-party encryption systems to enable our demo versions to expire.  Unfortunately, this type of technology isn't 100% compatible due to variations among servers.  We offer a hosted 30 day trial for users who can't take advantage of the downloadable demo.

Will ExpressionEngine run on OS X?

Yes it will. We develop all our products primarily on OS X, with additional development and testing on Linux and IIS.

Will I have access the the ExpressionEngine source code when I purchase it?

Yes. When you purchase a license you will have complete access to the source code.

How difficult is it to install ExpressionEngine?

If you have basic experience managing a web site and understand how to use FTP and set permissions you will find the process quite easy.  To install ExpressionEngine you simply upload the files to your server, set a few permissions, then run the installation wizard.

How can I determine if my hosting provider meets the software requirements?

Most major hosting providers do meet the requirements, however, you are encouraged to contact them first to make sure.

Can you install ExpressionEngine for me?

Yes we can.  When you purchase ExpressionEngine you can choose the installation option.  You will be sent a confirmation email along with some questions regarding your hosting account you will need to answer.  Once we get the information back from you we guarantee installation within 24 hours.

If you have questions, please contact: