Upgrading to ExpressionEngine 1.0

Upgrading from the Public Beta 1 or Public Beta 2 version of ExpressionEngine to the Final 1.0 version of ExpressionEngine is very simple.

Running the Update

Step 1

The first step is simply to download the 1.0 Final version of the ExpressionEngine software. Unzip the software to your local computer.

Step 2

You now need to replace a few of the existing directories on your server with the new files you just downloaded. Replace the server contents of the following directories with your newly downloaded files:

Be sure that you upload all non-image files in ASCII format, which is sometimes called "text" format.

* Note: You will be best off examining the files and directories in the new version and uploading only those that have changed. This is particularly true if you've made any modifications to the themes under the system/modules/member/ directory (or have customized Plugins or installed any third-party Plugins) so that those changes don't get overwritten.

Step 3

Replace the site index.php file (the one in your main directory, not the one in the system directory) with the version from the newly downloaded files.

Step 4

Upload the following new files and directories:

Step 5

Set File Permissions

If you are hosted on a Windows server, skip this step.

You must set the following directory to 777

Step 6

Warning: If you are upgrading from Public Beta 1 you cannot have an existing Template Group named "search" since the ExpressionEngine search Module uses that name.

Point your browser to the system/update.php file on your server. This file will update you to the new version of ExpressionEngine. Be sure that you're accessing the file through your webserver and not just loading the file into your web browser locally. Access the file as you would a regular webpage, using an address similar to http://www.yourdomain.com/system/update.php.

Delete the system/updates/ directory and system/update.php file from your server when you are finished with the update.

Updating your Settings

Log in to your Control Panel and go to the Weblog Management section. In that section you'll need to do two things for each of your weblogs:

  1. Choose the search excerpt field. This is the field from which ExpressionEngine will pull any excerpted text in your search results.
  2. You should update your Weblog URL setting to reflect where you wish the search results to point. For example, if you wish them to point to the comments page at http://www.example.com/index.php/weblog/comments/, then you might use this setting:


Under the General Configuration section you also need to ensure that your License Number is set. The license number was included in the email purchase receipt. If you no longer have your license number, you may view a copy of your license number by going to the Download Area of the pMachine site and accessing the "Purchase History" for your product.