Upgrading from ExpressionEngine Trial to Full Version

Upgrading from the 14-day Trial or the 30-day Hosted Trial to the non-Trial version of ExpressionEngine is very simple.

14-Day Trial to Full Version

Step 1

The first step is simply to download the non-trial version of the ExpressionEngine software once you purchase it. Unzip the software to your local computer.

Step 2

You now need to replace a few of the existing directories on your server with the new files you just downloaded. Replace the server contents of the following directories with your newly downloaded files:

Be sure that you upload all non-Image files in ASCII format, which is sometimes called "text" format.

30-Day Hosted Trial to Full Version

Step 1

Your first step is to make a backup of the database of your Hosted Trial site. This can be done either with a database management program such as phpMyAdmin or through the SQL Manager section of the ExpressionEngine Control Panel.

Step 2

Install ExpressionEngine on your regular server as normal.

Step 3

Restore your backed up database to your new server, replacing the tables in the existing ExpressionEngine database.

Step 4

The final step is to update some of your preferences that were previously pointing to your Hosted Trial account. They should now point to your new server. You can find the preferences with the paths in: