Server Requirements

To take advantage of the image thumbnailing feature your server must support one of these three image manipulation protocols:

  1. GD (or GD 2)
  2. ImageMagick
  3. NetPBM

GD (or GD 2) support is required in order to use the CAPTCHAs feature.

Your server must have XML support in order to send pings and Trackbacks.


ExpressionEngine does not support PHP versions prior to 4.1.

For full functionality of ExpressionEngine you must use a web browser with Javascript enabled. If Javascript is disabled, then some dynamic functionality in the Control Panel and other areas of the site may not function.

If you are hosted on an Apache server it needs to be configured with AllowOverride=on in order for the URLs to work with the default system. If that option is not turned on then there are three options:

  1. Manually turn that feature on using an .htaccess file.
  2. Contact your Host or server admin to have them enable the option.
  3. In the Control Panel go to Admin > General Configuration and turn on the "Force URL query strings?" option, which will add a standard question mark query string to the URLs.

If you are hosted on an Apache server and you find that your site links do not work, it means AcceptPathInfo is not enabled. Consult the Renaming Main Site File page of the manual for information on how to turn the preference on.