Migrating from pMachine Free or Pro

This page is designed to help you make an easier migration from an existing pMachine Free or Pro installation over to ExpressionEngine.

ExpressionEngine has a built-in utility that permits you to import your existing pMachine content. This is located in the Control Panel under Admin > pMachine Import Utility. The database structure in ExpressionEngine is different in many ways than pMachine, so during the import process your pMachine information will be reformatted. This process can be processor intensive, particularly if you have many comments associated with your weblog entries, so the utility will import your data in small batches. As you perform the import process you will have a chance to set the size of the batches.

The following pMachine Free or Pro information can be imported into ExpressionEngine:


Your pMachine Template data can not be imported, nor can your weblog preferences. This is due to the differences in the approach that both programs use, making such importation impossible.

ExpressionEngine only has single mailing list so if you use the multi-list capability of pMachine Pro the email addresses will be consolidated into one list.

If you have files or images which you have uploaded using pMachine you will need to move those over to ExpressionEngine yourself. The Import Utility will take care of changing any dynamic links you had in your entries to point to the correct location in ExpressionEngine, but it will not automatically move the actual files themselves.


The best approach to migration is to continue to use your pMachine Free or Pro site while you develop your new version with ExpressionEngine. Once your new site is ready, import your pMachine data as a final step so your weblog entries, comments and other information will be current.

Import Utility

The pMachine Import Utility is located in the Control Panel at Admin > pMachine Import Utility. When you first visit this page you will see a form that asks you for your pMachine database information. You will find this information in your pMachine config.php file.

Once you have submitted the correct information you will be presented with a page containing five steps. Perform each step in order. You will be prompted with instructions where needed in each step.