Moblog Module

The Moblogging Module allows you to submit entries with images or other files via email. This is typically used by people with camera-enabled cellphones so that they can email in a picture they took. It can, however, be used with regular email just as easily.

Basically, you send an email with a file or image attachment and some text to an email address. ExpressionEngine will then check that email account and look for any waiting messages that match a specified criteria. When it finds such a message it will process the message: the file is copied to a specified location and an entry is generated in a specified weblog.

The Moblog Module is a bit different from other Modules in that there are several separate parts to it.

  1. Moblog Control Panel (Control Panel)
  2. Check Moblog Tag
  3. Sending a Moblog Email

Supported Attachment Formats

By default, ExpressionEngine's Moblog Module supports a large number of formats. If needed, you can also edit the available formats at the top of the system/modules/moblog/mod.moblog.php file.

Note: Be aware that many email services have limits on the size of file attachments you can include with an email. This could limit how you can send some files, particularly movies and audio files, which tend to be large. Further, the files have to be uploaded by the system when it checks the moblog, so extremely large files might time out the browser during checking.