This section of the Control Panel allows you to create, edit, and manage your Templates. It also allows you to create, edit, and manage Template Groups.

Template Groups

Each of your existing Template Groups is enclosed in a box with two main areas. On the left of the box is the Template Group name as well as several links:

The right side of the Template Group box is a table listing all the Templates that are part of the Template Group. There are several columns in the table:

Create a New Template Group

The Create a New Template Group link at the top of the section allows you to create a new Template Group. Once created you will be able to add Templates to it.

Other Controls

There are also a few other controls on the Templates page:

Global Variables

In this section you can define custom data that you would like to be available globally in any Template. This is in addition to the standard Global Variables that are already available.

You could create a Global Variable for any number of purposes. One idea would be for a piece of copyright text that would be included on every page. By making it a Global Variable you can change it in one place and immediately see the effects everywhere.

Edit Group Order

You may change the order in which the Template Groups are displayed on the Template page. Simply place the Template Groups in the order you desire.