The Publish section of the Control Panel is where you will add entries to your weblogs. If you have more than one weblog created, then you will first be presented with a page from which to choose the weblog to which you want to post.

Making an entry in ExpressionEngine should be very straightforward. Here is a brief explanation of a few of the special fields or areas within the Publish screen.

URL Title

Here you can define a "human readable" URL title for your entry. This will be used so that you can access your entry via a URL such as:

If you do not specify a "URL Title" then one will automatically be created for you based upon the regular entry Title.

Entry Fields

The names and types of entry fields displayed will be dynamically determined by what Custom Weblog Fields you have defined for this weblog.

In addition to the field itself, you can also choose the type of formatting to apply to that field, if it is a field type to which formatting can be applied.

Trackback URLs to ping

This field simply lets you specify one or more URLs to which you would like to send a Trackback ping. Simply place each URL on a separate line in the text box. If you do not wish to send a ping, then simply leave the field blank.

Make Entry Sticky

If this option is checked, then the entry will be "stuck" at the top of the list when displaying multiple entries. This can be useful for things like announcement posts.

Sites to Ping

Simply select any sites to which you would like to send a ping when the entry is submitted. The available sites depend on the Ping Servers you have defined for your member in the My Account area.


You may choose one or more categories to which you would like to assign this entry. To select more than one category you will typically hold down the CTRL key while choosing the individual category names.