My Account

My Account allows you to edit your own membership account information. It is also where you will edit information for other user accounts that you may access through the Members and Groups area of the Control Panel.

There are a number of areas within the My Account section:

Personal Settings

Edit Your Profile

This page allows you to change the information that is stored in the main profile fields such as Birthday, URL, Location, etc. The default fields on this page will correspond to those that are available in pMachine Free or Pro in order to allow members from those programs to be easily imported.

Email Settings

You may specify the email address associated with the account as well as preferences related to receiving email.

Username and Password

Both the Username and Screen Name for the account can be changed. In addition, the password can be changed if desired.

Localization Settings

Data displayed on an ExpressionEngine page is determined dynamically for each user viewing the site. Registered users can specify in which time zone they reside as well as their language and time formatting preference.

Customize Control Panel

Control Panel Homepage

This page will allow you to determine which items are displayed on the opening page of the Control Panel. In addition, you may specify the location within the page for each item to appear.

Control Panel Theme

Each user may independently choose which "theme" they desire to use when viewing the Control Panel. This page allows them to set that preference.


Quick Links

Each user may specify custom "Quick Links" for themselves. These links appear at the top of the Control Panel along with the other static links such as "Control Panel Home" and "Logout".


The "Notepad" within a member's My Account area can be used to store personal notes, to-do lists, or whatever other information they may desire. It is designed to be a place that the user may store some information that they'll need later.

Weblog Settings

Ping Servers

Every member may specify their own individual set of "Ping Servers". These Ping Servers will appear as options for new weblog entries. By default, these will include the ones specified in the Default Ping Servers area. These can be edited or added to by the user, though.

HTML Formatting Buttons

Each member may also specify their own HTML Formatting buttons. These buttons are available for use when creating or editing weblog entries. By default, these will include the buttons specified in the Default HTML Buttons area. The user may edit or add to the buttons as desired.


The Bookmarklet section will allow the user to create a customized bookmarklet for their own use. They may select the weblog and entry field to which they would like the entry added and ExpressionEngine will create the bookmarklet link for them. They can then add the bookmarklet to their browser for use later.

Administrative Options

Here you can set some administrative options for the user such as to which Member Group they belong as well as whether the user will appear in the Publish page "Multi-Author list".