Global Weblog Preferences

This section of the Control Panel sets global preferences for your weblogs.

Main Screen

The main Global Weblog Preferences screen shows a table of preferences.

Global Weblog Preferences main screen

Word Separator for URL Titles

When creating an entry on the Publish page, if the user does not manually enter a "URL Title" then the system will automatically create one based off of the input Title. This preference determines whether underscore characters (_) or dashes (-) are used when automatically creating the URL Title.

Automatically Convert High ASCII Text to Entities

This feature is designed to help make use with "rich text" easier. Normally, PHP and databases can only safely handle low-ASCII values for characters, which means a typical english alphabet, numbers, and standard punctuation. Many languages, however, contain characters that are not included in the low-ASCII set and thus it is difficult to use them with PHP and databases. Furthermore, text that is copied from word processors often has "special characters" such as curly quotes, ellipses, etc. that fall into this situation as well.

With this feature enabled, ExpressionEngine will try to automatically convert these high-ASCII characters into their appropriate numeric character entity so that it can be safely used. For instance, the © character would be converted into © so that it could be safely stored and displayed.