Default HTML Buttons

This section of the Control Panel allows you to define your default HTML buttons. HTML buttons appear on the weblog entry form and allow you to easily add basic HTML to the entry. These default HTML buttons are always available when creating a new entry unless the user's personal settings have been changed under My Account.

Main Screen

The main Default HTML Buttons screen shows a table of all the existing HTML buttons. All entry and updating is done via this screen.

Default HTML Buttons main screen

New HTML buttons are defined by typing the information into the table and then submitting it.

Tag Name

The name of the tag. This is what appears as the label for the button, so it should typically be short and obvious as to the function. Often this is simply the same as the actual HTML tag. This is a required field.

Opening Tag

The opening tag of the HTML tag. For instance, if you're adding an entry for the strong tag (<strong></strong>) then the Opening Tag would be <strong>.

Closing Tag

The closing tag of the HTML tag. For instance, if you're adding an entry for the strong tag (<strong></strong>) then the Closing Tag would be </strong>.


This defines the shortcut key you can use to invoke the HTML tag while you are editing. For example, if you set the shortcut to be "h", then the shortcut key combination will be ALT+h.


These settings determine the order in which the HTML buttons are displayed on the weblog new entry form. "1" is listed first, "2" second, and so on. Simply put the HTML buttons in the order you wish by placing the numbers appropriately in the boxes.


Up to two rows of buttons can be displayed on the weblog entry form. This setting determines whether the button will appear in row 1 or row 2. Select the desired row.


Delete an existing HTML button by removing the Tag Name and then submitting the form. HTML button deletion is permanent and irreversible, so be very careful before deleting an HTML button. There is no verification performed; once you submit the HTML button is removed immediately.