Translation Utility

This section of the Control Panel is designed to allow you to create translations of the core language files. This is how new language packs for ExpressionEngine are made. When you use the utility and click the Save Changes button for a particular language file (more on that later) it will create that file within your system/translations/ directory. Once all the files have been translated then you effectively have a new language pack which can be distributed for others to use.

In order to be able to create translation files, you need to ensure that the translations directory is set to have permissions of 666 or 777. This is only applicable for users on a UNIX server; Windows servers do not need to do this.

Main Screen

The main Translation Utility screen shows a list of all the language files for which you can provide translations.

Translation Utility main screen

When you choose a file name you will be presented with a screen showing a list of english words or phrases. Below each entry will be a text input box. You simply enter the translation in that box.

Translation Utility File View screen

Once you have made all the translations you simply click the Save Changes button and ExpressionEngine will create the new translated file inside the translations directory.