Recount Statistics

This section of the Control Panel allows you to force the system to recount different types of statistics. This section is rarely necessary, but every once in a while a statistic can become out of sync or otherwise not reflect the correct data. This section will allow you to make the system update the information.

Main Screen

The main Recount Statistics screen shows a table of the statistics for which you can force a recount. In addition, there is a Recount Preferences link which leads to a page for specifying the preferences.

Recount Statistics main screen

This table shows the "Source" or type of data, the number of database records that exist for that Source, and a link to perform the recount action. Clicking one of the links takes you to the Perform Recount screen.

Perform Recount

This screen, which is available for access through the main Recount Statistics screen, allows you to actually initiate the recount of the data.

Perform Recount main screen

It lists the total records to process, the number of records remaining (see Recount Preferences below for information about processing in batches), and a link to initiate the recount.

Recount Preferences

This screen is accessed through a link off of the main Recount Statistics screen. It allows you to set preferences for the recounting.

Recount Preferences main screen

Because the recounting of statistics can impose a large load on the server, the recounting is performed in batches. On this screen you can define how large each processing batch will be. For most servers, a value of 1000 works well. For high-performance or dedicated servers you can increase this number and if your server is low on resources you can lower the number to something more manageable.