pMachine Import Utility

This utility will allow you to import data from a previous pMachine Free or Pro installation. See the Migrating from pMachine section for some more information.

Before you can use this utility you must ensure that you have your pMachine database tables on your server. You may need to import your database if you are installing ExpressionEngine on a different server.

Main Screen

The main pMachine Import Utility screen allows you to specify the parameters needed to import your data from pMachine Free or Pro. This data can be found in your pMachine config.php file if you do not know what it is.

pMachine Import Utility main screen

If you installed ExpressionEngine on the same server on which you previously ran pMachine, then your pMachine database tables should still be on the server. You should simply be able to use the data in your pMachine Free or Pro config.php file in order to fill out the fields on this form.

If you've manually imported your old pMachine database information to your server then the settings on this page may be different from what they were with pMachine. You'll need to determine the correct settings. Consult your Host or server admin if you are unsure.

Once you have the correct parameters input, simply click the Configure button and you will be prompted with further instructions as necessary.