Localization Settings

This section of the Control Panel allows you to define the default localization settings for your website. Here you define things such as the time zone, time formatting, and Control Panel language. These localization settings apply throughout the system but may also be overridden for each user if they change their own My Account settings.

Main Screen

The main Localization Settings screen shows a table of the preferences. All the default localization preferences are set via this screen.

Localization Settings main screen

Server Time Zone

This setting is for you to specify in which time zone the server is located. Oftentimes, if you host your website through another company the servers they use will be located in a different part of the world from you. You need to determine for which time zone the server is set and indicate that here. You may need to contact your Host or server admin to obtain this information. A drop-down list of the time zones, their UTC offset, and examples of locations in that time zone is provided.

Server Offset (in minutes)

In addition to setting the server time zone above, you may also further fine-tune the server time settings by specifying a time offset (in minutes). Add minutes by simply typing in the number and subtract minutes by preceding the number with a minus sign. ex: -15

Daylight Saving Time

Here you can specify whether the server is currently observing Daylight Saving Time. If and when your server changes its observance, you will need to update this setting.

Time Formatting

You may specify whether you would like the default time formatting to follow either the "United States" or "European" conventions.

Default Language

This is the default language of the Control Panel. It is the language used if a member does not otherwise specify a language in their My Profile settings. Note: This setting is for the language of the Control Panel only. It does not alter the language of the website itself.