Image Preferences

This section of the Control Panel allows you to set image preferences for your website. This page determines settings for image resizing and thumbnailing.

Main Screen

The main Image Preferences screen shows a table of the preferences. All the image preferences are set via this screen.

Image Preferences main screen

Enable Image Resizing

If you set this preference to "Yes", you will receive an option to automatically resize or create a thumbnail version of any image you upload to the server through the File Upload utility. In order to be able to use this setting you must have one of the image resizing protocols listed below installed on your server. Ask your Host or server admin about this if you are not sure.

In general, due to the limitations of the image libraries, image resizing is only available for JPG and PNG type images. GIF and other image formats cannot normally be resized automatically. ExpressionEngine will automatically determine your image resizing protocol and only resize those image capable of being resized.

Image Resizing Protocol

If you specified "Yes" on the preference above, this is where you indicate which resizing protocol to use. You may need to contact your Host or server admin to determine which protocols are installed and available on your server. The options are:

  1. GD
  2. GD 2
  3. ImageMagick
  4. NetPBM

Image Library Path

If you specified either "ImageMagick" or "NetPBM" in the preference above, then you must list the server path to the library in this setting. If you do not know the server path, contact your Host or server admin.

Image Thumbnail Suffix

You may specify a suffix to be automatically added to the filename of any generated thumbnail. This will ensure that the thumbnail image does not overwrite the original and will also make it easy to see that it is a thumbnail image. "thumb" is used by default.

If the original image was flowers.jpg then the thumbnail would be flowers_thumb.jpg.

Relative Path to Captcha Folder

The relative path from your root directory to the CAPTCHAs image directory.

For ExpressionEngine installations that power multiple domains or subdomains, you may instead need to place the server path for this setting. A server path is typically something similar to /usr/ The specific setting will vary from server to server so you may need to contact your Host or server admin to determine what your correct "server path" is.

Full URL to Captcha Folder

The full URL to the CAPTCHAs image directory.