General Configuration

This section of the Control Panel allows you to define the basic settings for your website. These are general settings that apply throughout the website/system.

Main Screen

The main General Configuration screen shows a table of the preferences. All the general configuration preferences are set via this screen.

All preferences in this area of the Control Panel are required fields.

General Configuration main screen

Is system on?

This indicates whether or not your site is "live" and displayed to the public. If you set this preference to "No" only Super Admin group users will be able to see the site. All other users will be shown the System Offline page.

License Number

The license number you were issued upon purchasing ExpressionEngine. The license number was included in the email purchase receipt. If you no longer have your license number, you may view a copy of your license number by going to the Download Area of the pMachine site and accessing the "Purchase History" for your product.

Name of your site

This is the name of your website and may contain spaces and punctuation.

Name of your site's index page

This is the filename of your site's "index" page. By default, this will be index.php, which is located in the base directory. You will only need to alter this setting if you have changed the filename.

URL to the root directory of your site

The full URL to the directory containing the above file. For example, if the file was located at then the correct setting would be

URL to your Control Panel index page

The full URL to your main system Control Panel. In most cases, this will be

URL to Documentation Directory

The full URL to root directory of the User Guide you wish to use. The URL must contain the trailing slash. So, if you downloaded the documentation and placed it in the user_guide subdirectory off of your root, then the setting would look like