Debugging Preferences

This section of the Control Panel allows you to define how debugging information is handled for your website. These are general settings that apply throughout the website/system.

Main Screen

The main Debugging Preferences screen shows a table of the preferences. All the debugging preferences are set via this screen.

All preferences in this area of the Control Panel are required fields.

Debugging Preferences main screen

Debug Preference

This setting determines how PHP/database error messages are displayed. Error messages are often very useful during initial development, but they can be very confusing to regular site visitors. There are three options:

  1. No PHP/SQL error messages generated: As the name suggests, all error messages and warnings are suppressed from view.
  2. PHP/SQL error messages shown only to Super Admins: Error messages and warnings are shown only to logged members of the Super Admin group. All other users will not see anything.
  3. PHP/SQL error messages shown to anyone - NOT SECURE: As the name suggests, error messages and warnings are shown to all site visitors. These messages can sometimes have configuration information in them, making this option a security risk.

Display SQL Queries?

If this preference is set to "Yes", all members of the Super Admin group will see, at the bottom of the page, a list of the database queries used to generate the page. All other users will see nothing. This output can be useful during site development or for debugging purposes.