Cookie Settings

This section of the Control Panel allows you to define cookie settings for your website.

Main Screen

The main Cookie Settings screen shows a table of the preferences. All the default cookie preferences are set via this screen.

Cookie Settings main screen

Cookie Domain

This preference allows you to set your cookie domain. The vast majority of people will want to set this to Note the period at the beginning as it is very important. Setting the cookie domain like this will allow the cookies to work when people access your site using both and

If you want to restrict your cookies to a single subdomain then you may set that here.

Cookie Path

This is an optional setting. You will only need to set this if you require a specific server path for your cookies. If you run multiple installations, or have your installation in a lower directory you can specify a directory from which to make the cooke available. If you set the path to /joe/, the cookie will only be available in the "joe" directory and any subdirectories of it. It will not be available in directories above /joe/. The vast majrity of people will simply leave this setting blank.

Cookie Prefix

If you will be running multiple installations of ExpressionEngine on the same server then you will want to specify a unique cookie prefix for each installation. This cookie prefix will prevent the cookies from interfering with each other.