Specialty Templates

Specialty Templates are similar in concept to standard Templates. However, these are for specific purposes, unlike the more general-purpose standard Templates. There are three main types of Specialty Templates:

  1. Email Notification Templates
  2. User Message Template
  3. System Offline Template

Email Notification Templates

These Specialty Templates are for the different emails that can be sent by the system. The content and subject line of each type of email can be specified separately. The available email Templates are:

User Message Template

Users often receive messages after performing actions in ExpressionEngine: logging in, submitting a form, etc. In addition, they may sometimes be shown error messages. This Specialty Template is designed to allow you to determine how the page looks that displays these messages.

System Offline Template

In the General Configuration section of the Control Panel you can specify whether or not your site is "Live". If the site is not live then people will be presented with a message when they try to access your page. This can be useful if you are performing maintenance or other such things.

This Specialty Template allows you to define the page that will be shown to people when your site is not "Live".