Members and Groups

The Members and Groups section of the Control Panel allows you to control all aspects of your site memberships. You can register new members manually, define custom profile fields, search members, ban members, and more. There are several sections under Members and Groups:

New Member Registration

This page will allow you to manually register a new member and assign them to a Member Group.

Activate Pending Members

Here you can activate any member accounts that are awaiting activation.

Custom Profile Fields

This page allows you to create and edit new member profile fields. You can specify what type of field it is, whether it is required, how it is processed, and more. You may create and edit as many profile fields as you wish.

Member Groups

With this section you can create and edit Member Groups. Each Member Group can have different access rights and privileges. You can determine precisely what each Member Group can and cannot do within the site.

View Members

Here you can view the existing members of your site. You may restrict the view to certain Member Groups and sort on several criteria. You may also delete existing members through this section.

Member Search

This section allows you to search for a certain member within your site. You may search on one of several criteria and also restrict your results to a specific Member Group if you wish.

Email Console Logs

Here you can access cached emails that you have sent to members in the past.

User Banning

This section of the Control Panel allows you to ban members. Bans can be based on either IP address (full or partial) or by the email address associated with an account. When a banned user visits your site they can be handled in one of several ways: restricted to only viewing the site, shown a specific message, or sent to a URL that you specify.

In addition to outright user banning, you may also specify usernames and screen names which are "restricted". Restricted usernames/screen names may not be chosen by a member.

Membership Preferences

You may specify a number of member preferences in this section. These include:

Member Profile Templates

This section allows you to edit a variety of Templates associated with the membership system. These range from a Forgotten Password Form to the Public Member Profile.