Template Contest!

Are you a designer? If so, consider submitting a template design in one of the contest's two categories. Submissions will be accepted until the end of November, and then eight winners will be chosen by our community members to share the prizes. You can enter more than once, so start designing!

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Call For Beta Testers

EE Version 1.2, containing our new Image Gallery Module, is ready to be beta tested. If you are currently running ExpressionEngine and you are interested in trying it please email us. Include the username you use at pmachine.com so we can enable your download account. Note: We are specifically looking for people who are interested in using the new image gallery module.

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Developer Resources

The ExpressionEngine Developer Resources have entered the building! Have you eagerly been awaiting our developer resources for modules and plugins? Well, go check them out in the new Developer Resources section of the pMachine site. There are step-by-step tutorials with example projects along with detailed information about using ExpressionEngine's native classes. Dedicated forums now exist for discussing your add-on or requesting assistance with that pesky technical problem. In the next few days, a dedicated Developers Mailing List will be available where developers can have email discussions about developing in ExpressionEngine.

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